Mos Mosh

In 2010 the MOS MOSH brand was born, The signature was clear; well-fitted garments, high quality and most importantly designed with a twist in mind.

Everything we do, we do with passion, love and heart.

"Attention to detail - always with a twist"

When it comes to design, fit, and the little twist, this is what makes MOS MOSH unique. It goes for jeans. It goes for people and it goes for our entire organization.

We believe it is very essential to put your heart into everything you do. We strive to be the best, in every way. To make sure every garment is perfect, we always twist and turn it. It is essential for us to be known for our passion and for not compromising.  We deliver more than people expect – beautiful, high quality collections, always made with a twist.

Kim Hyldahl, MOS MOSH founder